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Skill Development

Project : Developing a society from scratch

Target : Our target is to develop a backward society within a small span of time.

Target area : where more than 80% people go to other states for earning as a labour or other supporting staffs.

Our first target area : first of all we have selected some parts of Gangarampur and Kumarganj Police Station under Dakshin Dinajpur district of the state West Bengal, India. Targeting around 5000 labour families.

About the Area : Almost more than 80 percent people of this area go to other states for their livelihood. Whatever they earned by working in other states is very low to maintain their family properly so they even can’t think to give education to their children in good schools. If this is going like this then this area will never be developed. Then what to do ? Probable solution: if these labourers are given training in different skills which may fit to them like mason, marble/tiles fitter, plumber etc. then their income will be double for example if a labourer get Rs. 300 then a mason or skilled person will get Rs. 600. By Rs. 300 he however can manage his family and with rest Rs. 300 he can use for child’s education for a better future. Like this we are targeting 5000 families and start the process to develop them.

Our first step is to train parents (father – mason/plumber etc. and mother – tailor) for these skill work. Once they get these training they may start earn more than before. By their extra earning we may help them to get their children admission in various residential schools in West Bengal. These residential schools hardly take Rs. 2000 from poor family and education are far far better than Government schools. For a skilled person it will be easy to earn Rs. 5000-6000 extra. Thus parents become skill worker and children are ready for secured future. If this goes like then within 10 years by the grace of Almighty a society may be changed abruptly. So it is our request please help us to start this project.

Budget for each batches:

1. Mason
a. No. of Persons/batch - 10
b. No. of days - 7
c. Materials - Rs. 3000
d. Trainer - Rs. 7000
e. Tiffin / Others - Rs. 3500 ** Rs. 500/day
f. Total Expenditure - Rs. 13500
**** Income per day of a mason is about Rs. 600

2. Plumber
a. No. of Person / batch - 10
b. No. of days - 20
c. Materials - Rs. 5000
d. Trainer - Rs. 20000
e. Tiffin / Others - Rs. 10000 ** Rs. 500/day
f. Total Expenditure - Rs. 35000
**** Income per day of a plumber is about Rs. 800

3. Marble / Tiles Fitter
a. No. of Person / batch - 10
b. No. of days - 10
c. Materials - Rs. 3000
d. Trainer - Rs. 10000
e. Tiffin /Others - Rs. 5000 ** Rs. 500/day
f. Total Expenditure - Rs. 18000
**** Income per day of a Marble/Tiles Fitter is about Rs. 700

4. Tailoring (For ladies only)
a. No. of Person / batch - 5
b. No. of days - 60
c. Materials - Rs. 50000 (Including 5 pcs automatic sewing machine price around Rs 8000/pc)
d. Trainer - Rs. 20000
e. Tiffin /Others - Rs. 18000 ** Rs. 300/day
f. Total Expenditure - Rs. 88000
**** Income per day of a ladies tailor without hampering her household work is Rs. 300.

**** Your suggestions and ideas are heartily welcome. Kindly send your feedback at email : and keep us in your prayers ****

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Bank Account
Bank : Axis Bank
A/C Name : Amir Saheb Foundation
A/C No. : 917020085557999
IFSC : UTIB0003598

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