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Google admits Spotify pays no Play Store fees because of a secret deal

A Google executive said during a testimony in the Epic vs Google trial that a deal with Spotify allows the audio company to bypass Play Store fees, as reported by The Verge. Don Harrison, Google&#8217

Tinder redesigns profile pages with prompts, info tags and quiz

Tinder is revamping its profile pages to make them more informative and create easier starting points for conversations. The company is launching features like profile prompts as conversation starters

Change in X’s terms indicate EU researchers will get API access

After taking over Twitter last year, Elon Musk famously yanked API access from third-party apps and changed API pricing tiers to make it difficult for researchers to access and study the platform&#821

Instafest now lets you create a music festival poster through a playlist link

Instafest, the app which went viral last year before Spotify Wrapped was officially unveiled, now lets you create a music festival poster based on artists that you have in a particular playlist. The a

YC-backed productivity app Superpowered pivots to become a voice API platform for bots

Calendar apps are essential for productivity but it is hard to differentiate enough to have sustained growth from just the core usage. Y Combinator-backed Superpowered, which is an AI-powered notetake

Airbnb leans on reviews to make listings more reliable as it tests review summaries using generative AI

Airbnb has given hotels a run for their money with offerings that are often more flexible, sometimes cheaper, and more characterful than their traditional hospitality counterparts. One area where Airb

Instagram is finally testing a feature to let you turn off read receipts for DMs

Instagram is finally testing a feature that will let users turn off read receipts for Instagram DMs. This way, even if you have read someone’s message, they won’t see the “seen&#8221

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart says the chat app could introduce ads in Status

WhatsApp’s cat-and-mouse game with ads continues. While the company is not planning to show ads in the main inbox, it could still show ads in Status — the app’s Stories-like feature —

Everything announced at OpenAI’s first developer event

OpenAI held its first developer event on Monday and it was action-packed. The company launched improved models to new APIs. Here is a summary of all announcements in case you missed the event. ChatGPT

Deft is building e-commerce search to help you find the right product quickly

E-commerce search startup Deft is releasing a multimodal search function for users to get better results. The company, which opened its service to beta users in May, has rolled out the new search expe

Brave’s Leo AI assistant is now available to desktop users

Brave, a company building an alternative web browser, is releasing its AI-powered assistant, Leo, to all desktop users. The company is also releasing a $15 per month paid version called Leo Premium wi

Agentio is building a platform for YouTubers to sell ad slots in their videos

Should you devote a considerable amount of time to YouTube, you’ll likely encounter videos in which the creators discuss the sponsors supporting their content. Agentio is building a platform for

YouTube is now cracking down on ad blockers globally

YouTube is now cracking down on ad-blocker usage globally, by showing warnings about breaking the platform’s terms of service. In some cases, the company is preventing users from viewing more vi

Video app Detail’s new feature helps you record multi-camera podcasts using iPhones

Detail, a startup with video recording and editing apps for Mac and iPhone, has released a new multiplayer feature that lets users easily record a multi-camera podcast through two iPhones (or iPads) w

Instagram head says Threads API is in the works

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said today that a Threads API is in the works. This will give developers a chance to create different apps and experiences around Threads. Mosseri was responding to journal

A year after Musk’s takeover, X says an average user spends 32 minutes per day on the platform

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of Musk taking over Twitter (now X), the company published a retrospective blog post examining how it has fared under the new management. There are a lot of numb

iOS 17.1 will let you continue AirDrop transfers over cellular data

Apple released iOS 17.1 on Wednesday to all users, with features including improved AirDrop sharing and updates to Apple Music. The biggest change with this release is the ability to use AirDrop when

Meta says users and businesses have 600 million chats on its platforms every day

Meta is doubling down on business messages for revenue generation, as Mark Zuckerberg indicated during the company’s earnings call for Q3 2023. Zuckerberg said that the company is looking to tap

Zuckerberg says Threads has a ‘good chance’ of reaching 1 billion users in a few years

Meta said today that its text-based social network Threads has less than 100 million monthly users three months after its launch. Mark Zuckerberg noted during the company’s latest earnings call

Google announces tools to help users fact-check images

The use of context images and videos on social media has led to dangerous misinformation distribution. Google is announcing it will provide more contextual information about an image to prevent false
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